Monday, October 5

There's nothing better than open windows

Guess what, you guys. Because of a little rain and cloud system that has rolled into town, my windows are currently open, and will continue to be all night. This is super exciting to me. I've had fresh air blowing in and around and through my house all evening, and it's been delightful. Absolutely delightful.
If there's one thing that living in Arizona has taught me, it's to never take your weather for granted. I think no one appreciates a cold front and a cloudy day like the people who live in the desert. No one revels in the cool breezes and rain drops like the population of an arid state. And absolutely no one counts the days until fall like those that live in a six-month summer environment. This time of year can never come along soon enough for us.
The end of 100-degree days is like the beginning of a lovely, aromatherapy massage. It's that moment when the soft scent of lavender soaks into your senses, and the masseuse first begins rubbing your shoulders. It's that perceptive shift in your psyche and attitude when you can take that big breath, and relax as you exhale, knowing that you're in good hands for a while. That's the first cool night of the fall. And that's tonight.
I'm in love with the breeze blowing against my back right now.
I'm going to sleep so well tonight.

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