Monday, October 26

She needed S.O.S. from Blake's creepiness

I'm watching The Voice right now, and I have notes.
Rihanna is awesome, and her advice for the competitors, in regards to the singing and their stage presence, was straight and on point. I love her enthusiasm for the Voice process, and her happiness for the singers was genuine, too. I already was a fan of Rihanna's, so there's no life-changing attitude shift for her like I had for Taylor Swift, but she's managed to solidify her awesomeness in my eyes.
Blake was creepy. Kudos to Rihanna, again, for not telling Blake to stop creeping her out, because he was being a dirty old man trying to hit on her with no subtlety or charm at all. It was uncomfortable to witness.
For a show whose conceit is all about the voice of the singer, it didn't take long for "them" to completely make over the 15-year-old kid by changing his hair, making him ditch his glasses, and most egregious of all, having his braces removed for the sake of looking the part. I mean, come on. Hypocritical much? He's a 15-year-old kid. He's really supposed to be awkward. I'm annoyed they went so completely against their premise with this.
The twins were sent home, and I'm perfectly okay with that, because I don't like the idea of two singers battling against one in any competition. Two singers can compensate for each other's flaws, as they are, and bulldoze a single competitor. I was pleased to see the single guy win that one.
Adam needs to grow his hair back, like, now. Some guys just look better with a full head of hair. He's one of them. This needs to be rectified, and I feel like it will be when the show goes live next week.
Gwen's polka dot blouse was amazing, but in my boring white girl way, I would like it on me with a long black skirt, or jeans. The shorts were too much for me. But that's why she's Gwen Stefani, and I'm me.
The one girl who Rihanna advised to keep her hands off the microphone and emote, who then didn't, had a tremendous piece of advise that she ignored, and the effect was disappointing. Especially since we saw so much of Rihanna's stage presence advice given to her, and then were witness to how completely she dismissed it. That was too bad, really. I kept staring at the screen, being all, "Why aren't you doing what she said?"
Rihanna was great; Blake was creepy. I already said these things. They are worthy of repeating.

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