Wednesday, October 28

She had a great day, and I'm giddy

My kid was totally happy with her birthday today, and I'm on cloud nine because of it. I think I told you last year that she was pretty disappointed in her birthday. Even after the awesome trip to Flagstaff and all that. I can only base the success of this year's birthday on Jurassic World, and the plethora of dinosaurs she wanted, and got, and the movie that she wanted, and got. She also had a dinosaur cake with the decorations she wanted, and got.
Beyond all the birthday warmth and glowing that we have going on here, I'm super tired because she had me awake at 6:20 a.m. so she could open presents with Brian before he left for work. As for me, in celebrating my Birthing Day, I had some tea, watched some television, and gloried in the quiet of my home all afternoon while reading a book. Good stuff, all around.

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