Wednesday, October 7

Sadly, "aloha," as in goodbye

I think I'm going to break up with Hawaii 5-O tonight. (I'm watching last week's episode right now.)
This show takes itself so seriously, that it's become difficult for me to do so in any capacity, as well. I mean, so many horrible planet- and civilization-ending issues happened to roll through Honolulu last year it was comical. And I really, really wanted to invest in the show again with this new season.
But here I am, two or three episodes into the new year, and I'm about over it. McGarrett is still so serious as a heart attack about every weirdly global situation that arrives on the 5-O doorstep. And even though Danny is the best part of the show, he's too likely to be just the "Book 'em, Danno" guy lately. And honestly, the only part I enjoy is having the two guys from Lost on the same television screen again.
But the Kono and Adam story line is bugging me the most. They are, inexplicably, still dealing with the Yakuza. Have they not been fighting against that elusive organization for the last four or five years on this show? Enough that when it was brought up again last week, I actively rolled my eyes and loudly sighed. (Do they seriously have nothing better to do with a strong female character like Kono? Make her the bodyguard/wifey of the rich man? She's a police officer in a highly respected and badass segment of the police department. They've got nothing to do with her than to make her Adam's wife. That's insulting.)
Over the last couple weeks, and even going back to last season, I found that sitting down and watching the show is more of an obligation than anything. And that's no way to enjoy a television program.

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