Saturday, October 31

I need more kids to give candy to

Turns out, the last thing in the world I needed to do today was to buy more candy. We already had a ton of Smarties and Sweet Tarts. We picked up a 45-piece bag of various candies, as well as a selection of stuff that we just like eating. ... And then, my daughter came home from trick or treating tonight with 182 pieces of candy. That is, no doubt, an insane amount of candy. And now I have two bowls of candy, one with all the goods that she got from her foray around the neighborhood tonight, and one bowl with all the stuff we already had and that she and I bought today. No joke, it's crazy in my house right now, with the candy.
But you know what I've never experienced? I've never had the never-ending parade of kids coming by my house. Andrea and Ryan said that they've had more than 100 kids tonight. I remember Josh and Dawn commenting on all the kids they would get at their house. I don't think I've ever had more than a dozen or so on any given Halloween. Granted, most of our Halloweens were in apartments, and you just don't get a lot of kids trick or treating at apartments, but here we are, in a nice, family neighborhood, and I only got 12 kids at my house tonight. I love opening the door for the kids, and I love seeing their costumes. It's super disappointing to me when I don't get many children. And 12 just doesn't cut it. We need to go hang out with our friends one year so we can see how the popular neighborhoods rock it.

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