Sunday, September 27

"... wasn't too terribly bloody..."

ITEM!: We went outside tonight to check out the blood moon and eclipse. We saw the eclipse, certainly, but the moon wasn't too terribly bloody from our little space in the desert. We checked out the moon at various times throughout the evening, and weren't disappointed by our view. As eclipses go, it was pretty impressive and beautiful.
ITEM!: I finished a most delightful book tonight, The Secret Life of Violet Grant, by Beatriz Williams. The characters were very well written, and the plot and finale were ideal to the spirit of the book. I get so mad at myself when I let a book sit for so many days before I even crack it, because of some random trepidation to get into it. This book was well worth the wait, which makes me even madder at myself for procrastinating.
ITEM!: September is over this week, and I'm getting excited to put up the Halloween decorations soon. I need to clean my house first, of course, because it's unseemly to put up pretty decorations in a dusty home. So that's my plan for tomorrow and Tuesday: to do the random cleaning up before the big project. Sydney is beside herself with excitement. Not only for the holiday, but also the closeness of her birthday.
ITEM!: Because I'm very susceptible to advertising and suggestion, I'm super hungry for Panda Express for lunch tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

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