Tuesday, September 1

Use a big word, get a cookie

So, that great book I've been waiting a couple weeks for, and have been stalking my library's web site for, was published today. I was in a snit all night last night, and checking the library this morning was first on my priority list when ... I opened my eyes. And yet still, no book. I've got two other books waiting to be read, but this one was what I wanted to read next, and my head wasn't having any part of reading something else first.
I finally caved to my only-childness and bratty tendencies and powered up the Nook and checked out the Barnes & Noble e-reader site. The book, of course, was there. As was the $10 price tag. I was not amused. But then I remembered that maybe there was a gift card still defaulted to the Nook. And lo and behold, there was! And it was enough to cover the cost of the book! I was DELIGHTED.
And I've been reading and obsessing ever since. It's a 570-page book, and I'm about halfway done already. I'm actually glad I purchased this one, since I'll probably end up reading it more than this one time. I had planned to pick up this series in paperback for my own library at some point, and still will, because this is a stack of books I can't wait for my kid to read. They're awesome. It was a real feat of willpower to put the book down a while ago, and acquiesce to going to sleep. All the better to be awake and reading tomorrow, my dearie.

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