Friday, September 11

There's always room for Daryl Dixon

One of my most anticipated magazine issues arrived in the mail today: Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV Preview. It's really pretty awesome. This year's issue is huge, perfect-bound, and chockablock full of fantastic television stuff. I love this particular issue because I read through it, almost cover to cover, and make my notes, turn my corners, and mark my calendar reminders for when all the shows that I may like will begin, and when the shows I love will return. (Long sentence!)
Today, I did my preliminary research gathering. I read through the pages and made my mental notes on what looks interesting and what I can definitely pass on. The right side of my brain is happy that there aren't too many new shows that I'm that super intrigued by. The left side of my brain is a bit disappointed that some nights may be a little light on the DVR.
Some shows won't be on for several more weeks, so I'll have time to argue the merits of each for a while. I'll debate internally of course, because my process is super secretive, and I can't possibly let you all know what kinds of hoops any show needs to jump through to get my attention for any length of time. Typically though, if a show hasn't captured my interest in its first season, I won't give it a shot in any following seasons. Also, I'm not likely to give a show that I've broken up with (*cough* Once Upon a Time *cough*) another chance, either.
I love fall TV season. I feel like a wallflower, in the perfect dress, with a multitude of suitors asking me if I'd like to dance. And while my card is already pretty full on any given night, I can add or subtract waltzing partners as I see fit.

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