Wednesday, September 9

The only heartbeat I don't mind losing to

I don't typically analyze my relationship with Oliver as a win-lose kind of situation. We certainly butt heads about stuff, but on the whole, we're on the same page about things. But then, there's food. I'm a stickler for the old man eating his old-man food. But then, he decides to be all stubborn and stop eating. Not stopping eating entirely, but enough to make me irritated and to get all mama bear about it. His argument, you see, is that he'd rather eat Cooper's food, which is gluten free, and obviously delicious. My argument is that old-man food is better for the old man.
But then he stops eating all his food for the last three days. And I cave, of course, because he's Oliver and he's in charge of everything.
So now, there's a bowl of Cooper's food in the dining section of the kitchen. (I checked, and Cooper's stuff is just as good for the senior as it is for the puppy or adult dog.) Everyone has eaten their fill, and they seem happy with the food situation as it is now. Oliver will get his pills in string cheese morning and night, and we will forgo the wet-food dinners.
So, even though I don't consider us a win-lose relationship, I think it's fair to say that Oliver totally won this round.

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