Monday, September 28

Sure, I'll throw in with Trevor Noah

Tonight, we watched the very first episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
Spoiler alert, it wasn't too bad. Noah started off with just the right amount of reverence towards his new position as Daily Show host, and began his tenure by thanking the legend who had hosted before him. It was really well done, as I expected it to be, knowing that a majority of the current Trevor Noah Daily Show writers are the former Jon Stewart Daily Show writers. Having said that, you can still hear and feel a different vibe to the broadcast's content and delivery. It's not a bad difference, not at all. Just a different difference, if you know what I mean.
Thoughts: his interview style can use some fine tuning, of course. He's already said that he just needs practice and confidence in that regard. His delivery is good, as it should be, what with him being a comedian who is used to words. And he's totally adorable, so there's that.
We will, certainly, be sticking around for a while. I think Noah will get better with experience, and within the next several months, he'll hit somewhat of a stride. I wouldn't expect him to have the same ease of nature as Stewart had in the last several years any time soon. The comedy is still there because, sadly, the fodder is still there.
So, color me pleased, as I'll continue to be a Daily Show enthusiast.

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