Sunday, September 20

Sunday, football and sofa, Sunday

While I love football Sundays, I am not a fan of the feeling of tired, unproductivity associated with sitting on the sofa all day. Here it is, 10:30 p.m. I'm tired. My eyes are sagging. I'm yawning. My neck hurts from whatever random angle I held it most of the day. My ass is very sofa-cushion-esque.
Today was great, but I can't help feeling like it was a bit of a waste of the day. I would have preferred some kind of activity beyond moving from the sofa to the bathroom, to the upstairs and back to the living room at times throughout the day.
While I'd love to sit and really whine about it all, we did have a few cool things happen today. 1. My Patriots won, and I got to watch the game, because Brian and I decided that we can't really deal with football season without NFL Sunday Ticket. I was able to subscribe online, and they had our access up and running less than a minute later. Technology is super. 2. Our local Hawaiian barbecue place made us some kick-ass dumplings and chicken katsu for lunch. Also, they switched out the cabbage for rice on my plate. They made me a happy girl. 3. Perhaps most awesomely, I got to FaceTime the second half of the Emmys with Andrea, and we were able to dish on the people, clothes, winners and goings on. It was fantastic.
Sundays are such a mixed bag for me. Terrific, great stuff, and then crushing, depressing inactivity. I look forward to cooler weather so I can hike the trail in the morning, at least. Today was both a bust and the best.

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