Tuesday, September 8

Summer, you brat. Leave here now, please

ITEM!: I keep hoping that, since it's September, it must be time for the weather to cool down. This is not the case outside my home, of course. Outside, it is still super warm. Highs are in the lower 100s, and the lows at night are in the mid-80s. It's that time of year when I start to get really angry at all the closed windows of my home. I want nothing more than a cooling breeze blowing through the house. My obsession with fresh air is no joke, and I'm in a full-on withdrawal right now.
ITEM!: I'm more excited by Sydney's choice of a Halloween costume this year than I have been in a couple years. I won't tell you what she'll be, but rest assured that it's more awesome than the Renaissance maiden of two years ago, Catwoman of three years ago, and only slightly better than last year's jaguar. I didn't say it was particularly original, but I think it'll be pretty fantastic.
ITEM!: I moved some artwork around in my house this morning, and while I'm super pleased with some of my decisions, there are now some empty spaces that are BUGGING me. It now occurs to me that I really should have "extra" art hidden somewhere in the house for these occasions of redecorating. I could go to Home Goods and find something, but I really like my wall art to be specific and mean something. But, I may go there tomorrow anyway.
ITEM!: My DirecTV is lagging and stalling tonight, and it's pissing me off because I'm trying to watch my stories. With it now rebooting, I am denied my Colbert fix, as well as flipping over to watch Bard, the hot guy, kill Smaug.
ITEM!: I just wrote my headline for this post, and I have to tell you something. I had decided that if we were ever to have another little girl, I would want her middle name to be Summer. I like it a lot. Her first name would be Elliot (no joke), because I think that's a cool name for a girl. I'll settle for naming our little girl puppy that though, whenever we get her. I've already secured Brian's support for the name in that respect. Sydney will fight me over it. But I'm the mom, and I win.

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