Wednesday, September 23

Space movies are awesome

ITEM!: I'm watching Star Trek, the 2009 version, starring one of my movie boyfriends, Chris Pine. (Did you know he was in Smokin' Aces? He was totally not hot in that movie, but it tickled me that he'd been in one of my random violent faves.) Now, because I'm watching this beauty, which really is a good movie, I'll watch its sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness, tomorrow. Young William Shatner, for the longest time, was my favorite Capt. Kirk. I'm super pleased with this new -- since 2009, anyway -- Kirk. We need to hang out again.
ITEM!: Have you see then trailers for The Martian? Doesn't that look like it's going to be such a great movie? I don't typically get super excited for Matt Damon, but this story looks fantastic. I think we'll be seeing this one on the first day it's out.
ITEM!: But as it is, Brian and I have a fascinating selection of movies to choose from for Date Day Friday. I'm drawn to The Intern, Everest, and Sicario, but not so much Black Mass. It'll be cause for negotiation, of course, but I'm up for either of the first three. I'll probably see The Intern on my own next week though, as it'll be one that Brian won't really care to see in the theaters. Sicario and Everest are both pretty heavy, but I'm down for them.

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