Tuesday, September 8

Oh, how I've missed you, Stephen!

I've been missing Stephen Colbert on my television so much. My excitement for the debut of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is so acute that I am actually sitting on my bed right now, computer on my lap, watching the end of the local CBS news so I don't miss any of it. I've already set my DVR downstairs for the series record, so if I miss anything, I can watch it again tomorrow.
My fear? Not liking it and/or him. Honestly, I don't think that's really possible, but the flicker of a question is enough to freak me out. I loved his Colbert Report so much, and I know this show will be super different. This is the crux of my issue.
Having said that, the first couple minutes of the show have charmed me already, and I can't stop smiling. Yay Stephen!

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