Thursday, September 17

It's not the time for that yet, damn it

Last year, there was a very elaborate Santa Claus display, activity center, and visiting place in my local shopping mall. The lines to see Santa in this mall can usually run quite long in any year, but with this new display place, they were really ridiculous. But this particular set-up also invited parents to make reservation times for when they'd like to have their child begin the Santa experience. When Brian, Sydney and I decided to visit, we actually made her reservation for 40 minutes from our arrival, just so we wouldn't have to wait in the line. The reservation moved us to the front of the line, certainly, but we still had to wait the 40 minutes, and entertain ourselves, until her time.
Anyway, today I received the most offensive e-mail I'd gotten all year.
It was an invitation to reserve Sydney's date and time for her Santa Claus experience.
Of note is the fact that today is, in fact, SEPTEMBER 17.
Not jumping the gun a little, are we Santa experience place? Not eager to be sure you get our money at all, are you? I'm beyond annoyed that it's this e-mail, and not some stupid commercial on television or a Christmas carol played at an inopportune time to remind me that Christmas is coming faster than I think it is. I'll hold on to the e-mail, of course, for November, when it would be appropriate to begin scheduling Christmas activities such as this.
This e-mail has unsettled me. And made me pissy and anxiety-ridden.

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