Thursday, September 10

I like my football team ... a lot

My football team won their season opener tonight. That makes me happy.
I wore my lucky hat, and represented with a shirt, as well. Brian sat on the sofa and cheered along with me. My kid got right back into the habit of not interrupting the game unless during time outs and halftime. And my dog didn't react at all because he can hardly hear me scream and cheer anymore.
I won't discuss the whole deflated footballs debacle, because it's irrelevant. I won't try to defend or justify any of the team's or players' actions. I'm a fan of the team and a lot of the players. I love being a fan of the Patriots.
But it bothers me when people write smack talk on my Facebook page when I'm happy about something Patriots. I comment on how I am glad the whole courtroom drama is over, and I get smack talk. I post a picture of my baby in a Patriots helmet, and I get smack talk. It's disappointing, really. I'm a super fan of my team, but that doesn't mean I cut down the fans of other teams. Everyone has their thing, and I don't think it's up to anyone to try to make a fan feel bad for supporting and cheering on their team.
I'm not about to stop liking the Patriots, no matter what anyone says. Stop writing shit to try to make me feel bad about my allegiances. It's tacky and boring.

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