Wednesday, September 2

Here she is ... Miss September America

ITEM!: I may have hit the wall on how long I can sit and read something on my Nook. I finished the book, of course, but I have a very definite eye-based headache to show for it. Let's consider the almost six straight hours of reading on the tablet. And the six hours from yesterday. My brain is throbbing, and I feel like my eyes are about to fall out of my head. No more Nook reading for a while, that's for sure. ... It was totally worth it, by the way. That book was awesome.
ITEM!: My morning was spent at Discount Tire, getting a nail removed from one of my tires. It took them two hours to get the tire taken care of, which is beyond ridiculous. I didn't have an appointment, since the tire leaking air wasn't something I wanted to wait a while to fix, so my waiting time was increased exponentially. People wandered in and out of the place, but not me. I was stuck there for a crazy long time. On the bright side, I got all my text and e-mail correspondence done.
ITEM!: Have you seen the new Sun Chips? They're Monterey jack and sun-dried tomato. I wasn't too sure about them, but thought to roll the dice anyway. And I'm glad I did. They're not as flavorful as my dearly beloved and departed jalapeno jack, but they're okay. I can eat the harvest cheddar, or the garden salsa, but neither really float my boat. These new ones are pretty okay. I hold out for the return of the jalapeno jack though, every day, as I stalk the chips aisle of my Safeway.
ITEM!: My jaw clenching continues, unfortunately. Brian says that if I'm not doing it while I sleep, he can't really do anything for me. I need to realize what I'm doing and consciously stop myself. If I did it at night, he could get me a night guard to stop any damage, but my daytime clenching is my own fault, and I can only stop myself by stopping myself. So, I have been making myself more aware, and have been stopping it when I think about it. But the aching continues, and I'm working on it. Because it sucks.

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