Monday, September 21

Family Game Night ideas aplenty

I love that Facebook is an excellent place for brainstorming and crowd-sourcing ideas. Sydney has decided that we need to extend the playing field on Family Game Night. We don't have Clue or Monopoly, which will be added, but I wanted other ideas, too. So, I asked Facebook. My friends did not disappoint. I have a ton of ideas and suggestions. Only a couple weren't a good fit for us, so I have a very long list of games to check out. I did read up on them online this evening, and am eager to check out the prices soon. (I think Sydney and I will go do some shopping on Wednesday.)
A few that caught my interest: Ticket to Ride, which was suggested repeatedly; Apples to Apples, which is one that Sydney has been asking about lately, too; Scattergories, which is fun; Scrambled States, which looks cool and educational and fun; Yahtzee, which has math, I think; and perhaps Blokus, which is strategic and colorful. Some of those will have to be played when other people are visiting (*cough* Mom *cough*) because they require a minimum of four people. Other ideas were a bit advanced for the 8-year-old still. But most were excellent, and I'm excited to see what we can come up with for our game cabinet.
I rediscovered my own Rummikub and Taboo games, as well. I've got an awesome Trivial Pursuit, but it'll be some time before we can play that with Sydney. So, I think, once Sydney and I do some shopping, we'll have some excellent new choices for fun.

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