Friday, September 25

Celebrating her day our own special way?

Today is my mommy's birthday. I was able to post a ridiculous, fun picture of her, Sydney and I on Facebook, and it garnered a lot of attention for her. Which was my goal. She was showered in happy birthday greetings all day, and she should have been. I almost feel like my job was done well this year.
Also, we saw Everest. I had no illusions that it would be a happy-go-lucky story, since really, no mountain climbing and Everest movies are, but the reality of the ending was a bit ... disheartening. I had, foolishly, hoped towards the end of it for a nice, Hollywood-y ending. But it was not to be. I hate being all SPOILER ALERT, so I won't say anything more. But it was based on a true story, which made it harder to reconcile. But I will tell you that another one of my movie boyfriends was in it: Sam Worthington.
Also, we tried out the new Denny's in the area. It opened just days ago. Brian prefers Denny's to IHOP, so he was pleased to see the place under construction. For lunch, he had some big breakfast platter. I stuck with a two-item sampler: mozzarella sticks and chicken strips. I also had a strawberry shake with it. Brian ordered a side of grits, which really were quite good.
The whole day was a good way to celebrate Mom's birthday.

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