Tuesday, September 22

And with that craziness, Christmas has begun

In what may be a development of epic proportion, I have started composing my Christmas shopping list for this year. It's all Cooper's fault, really. He chewed up last year's Christmas stocking chewy to the extreme that it was all sharp points, and he'd hurt himself on it. So I threw away the old one, and went to the pet store to pick up a new one. Well, while there, I saw two other nifty toys for his stocking this year. I bought them, and with that, started my Christmas shopping.
This is ridiculous, you guys. It's, like, September.
But in that minimal start of my task for the year, I couldn't drop the other ideas I had floating around in my brain. This afternoon, I grabbed my trusty legal pad and started my list. The list, of course, begins with Sydney. I had a couple ideas for her. And one thought for Brian. And a couple ideas for Mom. And I found something for Brad and Lisa, too.
I'm also starting to formulate my budget and saving plan. It begins with the paycheck that lands tomorrow. I will have my Christmas nest egg, and I will not be denied or irritated about it this year. It seems like mid-September is a good time to start on it.
But really, my head is all, ALREADY??

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