Monday, September 14

An actual picture of the actual tiger

ITEM!: The awesome female tiger at our zoo blew my mind today. She was walking around her area, which is more movement than we typically see during the summer. But she did something so cat this morning. She backed into the pool in her area. She walked along side it, spun her back to it, and then dipped her back feet in. Then she moved backwards, super slow, easing her back legs in, and then her stomach and torso. Then she just laid down, for all of 15 seconds, before getting up and walking away from the water as if the entire thing didn't happen. So cat, right? Loved it.
ITEM!: I think we may have inadvertently come across the new, less-chemical, and not-as-orange macaroni and cheese. And let me tell you something, it's not as good. Macaroni and cheese is a staple in my house. It just is. Deal with it. And a different taste, because it does taste different, will have a big impact on my family. Brian and I tasted it right away. Sydney, thankfully, didn't notice anything. Or if she did, she didn't say anything to me. But I noticed the different "cheese" when I poured it into the pasta. This is a problem, friends. I can't have "healthy" mac and cheese in the house. It doesn't taste as good.
ITEM!: I coordinated my Fall TV Preview with the calendar this afternoon, and I can't tell if I'm excited and eager, or anxious and nervous. I enjoyed my summer of reading immensely, and I'm almost not looking forward to being emotionally attached to my DVR again, and forsaking my books. I realize that I don't have to watch television, but I do like it so much. I know that once the first episodes come along, I'll be totally hooked again, but right now, I'm like, "Noooo, I loooove my boooooks."

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