Wednesday, August 26

The year the music ... started

For some reason, during the fourth grade in this school district, it is mandatory for the children to select some kind of musical concentration for the year. They can choose from choir, strings, general music, horns, and maybe some other option I can't remember. My daughter, of course, chose strings. And her first choice among the strings instruments: violin. Lucky us, she was granted her choice.
So we rented her violin last week, and she's had it for a few classes already. She hasn't been able to put bow to violin yet, but she's super eager. Currently, she and her classmates are learning how to hold the violin properly, where their fingers should go, and what notes sound like what. She's practicing with the violin whenever she can, plucking and plucking away at the strings.
I fear for when the bow is introduced. I'm hoping it won't be too bad, but who knows. She's eager to get going on it. We had to visit a music shop today to buy rosin, which I learned is hardened tree sap. It's used to dust up the bow so it can slide along the strings. It also has a tendency to leave dustings on the instrument itself, so we'll have to keep that cleaned up.
She's still learning all the basics for and of the violin, and she's excited to get started. I pushed for the cello, so you know. I've always wanted to learn how to play the cello. It seems like such a cool and relaxing instrument to play. All bass and low tones come across as super zen to me.
Alas, the violin shall be in the house's musical background for the school year. "But what if I want to keep playing after this year? Will I have to stop?" "No, baby. If you want to keep playing, we'll find you one of your own." And with that, I may have sealed my fate forever. I'll either be buying earplugs, or sending out videos to various symphonies.

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