Wednesday, August 12

The blog is a personality island

When I was out in California last month, and visiting with a friend, the blog came up in conversation. She said, "Oh? You're still doing that?"
As I come up on my 10-year anniversary of writing this blog, I find myself wondering when and if I will ever stop. At this point, it's a delicious diary into everything going on in my head, and I couldn't imagine stopping it. But then I wonder if all my creativity is going into the blog, and that's why I can't, for the life of me, come up with a decent idea for a book. Nor do I have the motivation and discipline to sit down and try to write a book.
But here I am, every night, sitting with my computer in front of me, sometimes struggling to come up with a topic and any semblance of words for my blog. But I do it, more times than not. And that makes me wonder if my reserve of writing creatively is instead completely focused on my awesome blog.
This is okay. Don't misunderstand; I'm not looking to stop blogging any time soon.
But it startled me for a moment to think about stopping the blog. I know I like to take a break here and there, but to consider walking away from it entirely? No way. That would be ... weird. To not write it every night, or even to not stare at a blank composition page every night, would be bizarre, and feel like I'm missing something.
I still find myself intrigued with the moment that Sydney discovers it and starts to read it. Will she be interested? Will it bore her? Will she love having a window into my mind that I would not likely show her otherwise? Maybe in another 10 years I'll have an answer ... if I'm still writing here.
I ate a really good sandwich for lunch today.

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