Monday, August 10

Liked the movie, not the guy in it

I very much enjoyed Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation today. In spite of Tom Cruise being the movie, I thought it was good. I've never been a huge fan of his, and probably only see his Mission Impossible flicks, since they're action-packed. So, I saw this movie today, despite the star of it.
You know what I enjoyed the most about the movie? The female protagonist. She was awesome. She kicked butt, had a good and complex story, and was integral to the movie's plot. And she killed guys awesomely.
And not once was she "rescued" by anyone but herself. That's not something that happens very often in these big action, guy-focused summer movies. I'm not entirely sure when it'll be appropriate for Sydney to watch this movie, but when she does, I hope she appreciates the girl power on display. Fantastic.

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