Sunday, August 2

Last night's sleep was DE.LI.CIOUS.

Can a single Zyrtec knock you out for the night and make most of the following day a cloudy mist of naps, dozing and body aches? Granted, the body aches had more to do with our day at the lake yesterday. But the little bit too much sun I got on my legs yesterday entailed that I take an anti-histamine last night before bed. Anyway, the Zyrtec gave me the deepest sleep I'd had in a while, allowed me to sleep through the plethora of wake-up-mom machinations my children go through each morning, and did keep away the itchies I get when my legs get sunburned. It was lovely. If I thought it would be just as awesome tonight as last night, I'd take one again. But this evening, I'm not as tired, and I've got the old man on the bed, so I need to stay relatively easy to awaken for him. Still, Zyrtec. My friend.

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