Monday, August 3

Jon Stewart for president

It's the last week of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and I'm a bit despondent about it. I avoided watching tonight's episode as long as Brian would let me, and I got teary during the opening music. Thursday, I know for a fact, will be ridiculous in my house. I remember quite vividly how much I cried the Ugly Cry, and went into a funk when Stephen Colbert's The Colbert Report went off the air last December. I foresee much of the same but probably louder and uglier on Thursday night.
I've heard that the final episode will be an hour or so, and that "maybe" many people will show up to pay homage on the final night. This will make me an emotional mess. Just watching these last couple weeks has made me all melancholy and sad for what was, and what will be, when the show continues on without him. He's just so awesome, you guys, and I can't imagine getting my newsy satire anywhere, or from anyone, else.
It makes me yearn even more for Colbert to return to television on The Late Show in September. It makes me hope against hope that Stewart fires up a personal Twitter account. And if Stewart does go back to stand-up comedy, Brian and I will be getting tickets for his first show in Phoenix.

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