Saturday, August 1

Don't make a face; they're tasty

Weird things happen when Brian goes into the grocery store by himself.
To put it mildly, his adventurous side comes out, and I end up with snacks and chips that are ridiculous and gross. Witness: these new and experimental Lay's potato chips in Southern Biscuits and Gravy flavor.
They appeared in my car this morning during our stop for beer on the way to the lake. Of course, I was immediately grossed out by them. I refused to taste them simply because I didn't want to have the taste, that I was sure would be disgusting, in my mouth.
But I did, because I'm sometimes a cooperative wife, finally taste them. Now, don't be repulsed by this, but no kidding, these chips are so much better than they have any right to be. I could not stop eating them. Katy says it's the sage in them that makes them so yummy. I can't discern individual flavors in them, I'm just pleased with the whole experience. The response from all the people at the lake who tasted them was incredibly, and overwhelmingly, positive. I'm not lying to you! They're super good!
And now, because this one bag of chips is super delicious, he's going to be impossible to live with.

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