Friday, August 21

Dinosaur shoes, and Ariel shoes, please

ITEM!: I finished a book last night, ACID, by Emma Pass. It was okay, though not terribly wonderful. In fact, I actually skimmed through the last few chapters and pages way before I should have been to be sure that the story would end with this book. Because I was not interested in reading a series about this particular character. In seeing that the story did end at the conclusion of this book, I finished it. I was super okay with ditching it if it went on for books and books and books.
ITEM!: Much to my dismay, I ended up watching the last several episodes of Breaking Bad with Brian. Though I was still fine with missing chunks of episodes here and there, I was invested in the ending of the series. But now we're done. Thank goodness.
ITEM!: Someone explain to me why Toms would send me a catalog in the mail that has a photo of dinosaur shoes, and then not have those shoes in my paleontologist's size. We checked out the catalog together, and she was very excited about getting a new pair of dinosaur Toms. But now she can't. Because Toms seems to think that only little, tiny kids would want dinosaur shoes. This can't be farther than the truth, Toms. Fix this. Like, now.
ITEM!: Also bothering me, regarding shoes, is the awesome Ariel Vans sneakers that are out of stock everywhere on the planet. They have plenty of them in kids' sizes, which is why Sydney has a pair, but I am lacking my own fabulous pair. Because so many other girls found them before me! This is what happens when I don't get to shop regularly! I miss out on fantastic shoes! I've been stalking the Vans and Nordstrom web sites. I signed up for an inventory alert with another online store when the shoes are restocked there. I swear to the shoe gods, I will have a pair of these adorable Vans.
ITEM!: I have a new outdoor plant project to fix tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it. The picture above, with the asparagus fern on an outdoor table is super similar to my plan. I love having outdoor plant projects. I wish it was cooler out so these projects wouldn't be so uncomfortable to finish.

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