Thursday, August 13

Celeana is an epic badass

I'm obsessed with these Throne of Glass novels. I just finished the third one, Crown of Midnight, and am eager and excited for the next installment of the story. But, I've caught up to all the books in the library. The newest one will be released on September 1.
First Time I Lost Faith in My Library: I can't reserve a book before it's released, or in the system. There's no "Coming Soon" section to be parsed through and picked at.
So, as much as I'd like to be first in line for the new book, I'll probably have to wait a while. Unless I decide to buy it on my Nook and read it digitally.
But I've really been enjoying the hardcover editions of the stories. I can't imagine reading the next bit of the saga on a tablet screen. So I guess I'll be stalking the library web site (more than I already do), and hoping that I'll see it online and get my request in there before anyone else, or at least with a minimal wait.
These books are totally awesome, you guys. I may have to buy the paperback editions for my bookshelf, just so I always have them to read and read again.

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