Saturday, August 8

A tiny house. A super tiny house.

Did you know there's a show about people moving out of their regular, normal-sized houses, and moving into tiny houses? Like 275-square-foot houses? The show I watched is called Tiny House Nation, and it's on FYI, whatever random channel that is. Anyway, these people sort through their stuff, figure out what are their most important possessions, and then move into a home that is a fraction of the size of their former houses.
I could not do this. One show had the couple moving into two separate trailers that were connected by an indoor/outdoor patio kind of thing, which was pretty cool. These trailers were reconfigured into the tiny house, and they had a fairly large front deck attached, giving them a bit more moving around and entertainment space. The second episode featured the previously mentioned 275-square-foot house. It was just too tiny.
I have stuff. I love my books, my clothes, my holiday decorations, my collectibles, my pictures, and my furniture. I also love a lot of space. Space is important to me. I like fresh, clean surfaces, and plenty of space to live in.
It got me thinking, though. The house we're in right now is an ideal square footage, but I'd love to rearrange where the space is. Like, I don't need a huge loft for the office. I'd rather add a ton of space to Sydney's bedroom. The guest room could use more area, too, as I'd love to have a queen-size bed in there. And I'd be okay with shrinking my dining room, though I have no idea what I would do with any extra space downstairs. Of course, I'm talking about rearranging square footage rather than decreasing it. I just wouldn't want to be in a smaller house.
But it's an intriguing idea. Duly noted that the couples that were embarking on this tiny house situation didn't have any children. And, in the case of the trailer couple, they had two dogs on a big piece of property, and for the second couple, they have only one small dog, but also a big piece of property. It's important to note that they all intend to spend a lot of time outside their home.
I find myself curious, and also challenged, by how much I could really pare down my stuff. Not that I'll do it, but I've already got space-saving-adjacent ideas moving around in my head.

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