Sunday, July 26

The grass makes it all so much prettier

For some reason, I chose to do some things outside today. It was hot.
What with our new artificial grass, I still had our old lawn decorations to return to the yard. I call them "lawn" decorations, but really, up until a few days ago, they were "rock" decorations. The awesome red and white lighthouse is back out in the yard. I cleaned out a terra cotta pot and then filled it with the old yard rocks, then stuck in the two light-up decorations, and the awesome saguaro cactus decoration I got a in California. It all looks super great. I put the plastic flamingos in the rose garden, since there is some room in there. I moved Auntie Donna's iris plant decoration from the rosemary in my garden to the cactus in the pot. I think I may be happy with it all, now. Unless I can get one of those bicycle planters over there.
Also, I covered mine and Brian's bikes with the tarp, and moved Sydney's bike to the side yard. And while Brian was barbecuing chicken, I trimmed the rose bushes and made friends with a very wee baby lizard.
As for indoor plants, I also exercised my green thumb by way of repotting the living parts of a dying philodendron. We planted the seeds that Sydney got from the summer camp at the zoo, too. So much greenery happening around the home today, as well as more laundry than ever.

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