Wednesday, July 22

The grass is greener when it's faux

I have a new obsession, and it is the artificial grass in my backyard.
It is beautiful, yes?
My homeowners decided a couple months ago that their rental properties needed some aesthetic upgrades. She figured artificial grass was the best way to go. I thought it was a great idea, but refused to get too exited. I just kind of hung out and waited for her to make her final decision based on the number of estimates she had received. This one company won the job, and based on their performance today, they probably got another three or four yards.
But here's my grass! It's so pretty, and GREEN. My dogs have already christened it, though Cooper still seems to fear pooping on it (he's sticking to the rocky side yard presently). They seem to like it quite a lot. You can see Oliver checking it out in the picture.
And me? I'm loving how clean it looks. I've been outside a couple times to pick up the leaves and whatnot that have fallen on it. I find I prefer a clean and uninterrupted green space, and fallen leaves mess with that. I'm going to be super vigilant about poop on it, and look forward to moving some of my lawn decorations back (the lighthouse will look amazing on than greenery).
I'm so excited to show it off to Brian's mom and dad tomorrow! Yay green grass!

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