Friday, July 10

Something else on my Bucket List

Some day, I will make it to Comic-Con in San Diego.
The entire premise and promise of Comic-Con is awesome to me, and I sit on my phone and computer every year to live vicariously through the entertainment reporters on site. I watch all the videos, I look at all the pictures, I read all the articles. When there's video, I watch it. I'm a bit obsessed, I guess, but all the shows, movies and whatnot that I love all make appearances at this wonderful convention.
I can't imagine a better way to spend four days in San Diego than hanging out with all the fantastic people that go there, and it would be the most amazing place to people watch ... obviously. I am green with envy, and so totally jealous. I want to be there so badly!
Mark my words, I will make it to that convention at some point in my life.

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