Sunday, July 19

The quiet is the nicest part

It may not seem like it to you, since you've been pining away for my prose ever since last Monday, but really, this week went by really fast. Sydney and I had a lovely several days in California, and were hating to see it end. Another week or so would have been lovely. Alas, Tuesday is my wedding anniversary, so really, I figured I should be home for that. To not be would be considered a faux pas.
But we're home now, with the myriad of fun (read that sarcastic and not) issues that could possibly be included in that.
Anyway, all good things come with Monday, when the husband is at work and the kid is at camp. I get to wait for the plumber because of a leaky water heater. I get to pile up dishes and laundry because I don't have any hot water. I get to clean up and clear out the backyard because I think we're still getting artificial grass on Tuesday. I get to call State Farm and bitch about how Brian's auto insurance is less than mine ... why? I get to finish cleaning my house. I get to have quiet. Quiet is very important to my state of mind!

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