Thursday, July 30

My pretty good day, in two parts

SKIN: I had my annual skin check at the dermatologist this morning, and all is well. Of course, since I'm a bit freckly and moley, she had a couple spots to photograph for next year's check, but nothing that needed to be carved out of my skin today or this month. The best part of my visit was bringing Sydney along, so she could see what was up with being older. "Why are you doing this?" Because I wasn't as careful with my skin when I was younger and your age, and I need to check it regularly to be sure that I don't get any skin cancers. "Why weren't you better with sunscreen?" I don't know. I thought I would always be okay, and that nothing bad would happen after each sunburn. "Will I need to be checked?" Not until you're quite a bit older. But that's why we're so careful with your skin, so it will always be healthy. ... I love giving real-world lessons. They're so much more effective.
MARGARITAS: Julia texted me this morning that she was in town for business for the day, and realized she would have a few hours free in the afternoon, and wanted to know if I would be able to meet her. I was like, "Hell yes." So I had a lovely several hours catching up with Julia, and drinking margaritas. We told each other all kinds of nifty stories, and laughed a whole lot. It was best because it was just the two of us. But let me tell you, the margaritas totally messed with my stomach. I am not such a lightweight that two margaritas will intoxicate me, but they certainly did bother me today. After I finished the second one, it's like all of a sudden I was Drunk Nauseous, and felt that random "would it be better if I just puked right now" queasiness. I didn't, of course, but we did leave the bar and chill in the car with the air blowing on me for several minutes. After that, I was fine, but the nausea was troubling. It was not the ending to the day that I wanted, but after the awesome day I had, it was okay.

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