Saturday, July 4

It's all about the patriotism, you know

I have a whole lot of great memories regarding the Fourth of July, our trips to Lake Tahoe among the best, but my favorite Fourth is our last one in Boston.
Our apartment in the South End wasn't super close to the venue, but it was walkable to Storrow Drive, a main thoroughfare that is closed for the holiday right near where the Boston Pops play their concert and where the fireworks are launched. I was six months pregnant, so not huge but probably too big to make the walk I did. It was warm certainly, but it was a clear and gorgeous night. We climbed down a small fence to make the last of our way to Storrow, and found our own small patch of asphalt to stand on during the show. We couldn't see the Pops, but had a view of the top of the clam shell, and there were speakers everywhere for anyone to hear them. My feet were sore, and I probably should have brought a towel so we could sit, but I wasn't thinking that far ahead. I think maybe I did sit on the ground?
At any rate, we listened to the amazing music, watched some fireworks through the trees, and chilled out. It was our last big event in Boston, as we were moving back to Arizona in a couple weeks.
We were still just the two of us; it was super fun to do; and it solidified how awesome our time in Boston was. Totally my favorite Fourth of July.

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