Monday, July 20

Hot water is totally not overrated

Cold showers are not at all comfortable. I had to take one today because the water heater was leaking and the plumber removed it this morning. You know what else sucks about taking a cold shower when there's no water heater? A complete and utter lack of water pressure. The majority of water flowing to the baths and showers is hot, and the cold has just enough to regulate the heat. So, minus the hot, it's just a bizarre trickle of cold water from the shower head. I managed to get my shower done okay, but when it came to washing my hair, I went to the kitchen sink. It has normal cold water pressure, of course, so I was able to take care of my business in two parts.
The water heater had been leaking for a few days, so there was some water damage to the cabinet that holds the heater up from the ground. So that has to be replaced. And until that's done, there can be no new water heater installed. There's an accepted bid on the cabinet construction, but the guy said he wouldn't be able to do it until tomorrow late afternoon or evening. This timing is not cool, at all. It means that the heater may still not be installed until Wednesday morning. That is insane. Could I get any more pissy about this situation? Of course.
I've got laundry piling up and more dishes in the sink than I know what to do with. What, you mean wash the dishes by hand? Yeah, no. That's not going to happen. I need a functioning water heater so I can run my dishwasher.

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