Tuesday, July 21

An ode to still no hot water

Oh my gosh, you guys. Guess what I did today!
I washed a sink full of dishes by hand! Yes, by hand! It was ... inspiring! It was magical! It was everything I had ever hoped that washing a whole bunch of dishes by hand could be!
Final tally: 1 dinner plate; 7 small plates; 4 drinking glasses; 1 plastic drinking cup; 2 water bottles and tops; 8 forks; 12 knives; 3 steak knives; 2 kid forks; 8 spoons; 3 measuring cups; 3 assorted Tupperwares and lids; 1 frying pan; 3 small bowls; 2 small cups; 1 coffee mug; 1 small container. That's a lot of dishes to wash by hand in cold water!
It was such a great character-building, life-affirming, psychologically cathartic, and emotionally uplifting experience! I highly recommend that you all try doing dishes by hand. To plunge my hands into that deliciously cool water, all filled up and bursting with bubbles, was very much an opportunity to get back to my roots, as it were, and live life in a simpler and more austere way. It was ... so fantastic. I wish I could do my dishes by hand in cold water all the time.
Also, I discovered that I am not at all suited to drying the dishes, as I ended up dropping a small plate (which is why there are only seven of the eight-plate set in the final tally) and shattering it. Luckily, it was a small plate. A dinner plate would have obliterated my toe, since this entire incident happened right next to my foot.
Anyway, the dishes were done, and they were done with all pomp and circumstance. I had all kinds of towels out to catch the wet and clean dishes. I probably used a lot more soap then I should have, so I could be sure everything is super clean. There may have been some dancing to music on my phone.
Of course, the dishwasher is still packed full of dirties, but I'm not at all interested in washing those by hand. In a perfect universe, I'll have a water heater tomorrow night, and the dishes will then be done magically in that beautiful machine in the kitchen.

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