Monday, June 29

We watched "The Goonies" this afternoon

Today, Sydney watched The Goonies for the very first time. I wish I could tell you that she thoroughly enjoyed it, but I can't. She got freaked out by Sloth, as kids do, but tended to hide her face from the screen. She freaked out when the Fratellis held Chunk's hand and threatened to stick it in the blender. She was convinced that someone was going to die. She was a nervous wreck, and I was at a loss as to how to deal with her. This is the same child that chilled through Jurassic World.
The best I could do was reassure her that no one dies, which wasn't good because apparently the bad guys must die. I promised her that they didn't hurt Chunk, and she didn't believe me. Honestly, it was among the most frustrating experiences I've had with her. But she did very much enjoy the kids ultimately wining at the end. And she didn't understand why no one chased after the pirate ship as it sailed off into the sunset.
Sydney: "Why are they just sitting there? They can go get it, right? It's not going to sink or anything."
Me: "I've never understood why they don't go after it, either. It's theirs by way of finders keepers, so they can claim all the rich stuff inside."
Sydney: "Well, that's just silly that they don't go catch it and put it on an anchor and put it somewhere."
Me: "I agree with you totally."
Pretty exciting to see that she's going to be one of those kids that delights in pointing out the plot holes and describing how the movie is silly and nonsensical.

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