Saturday, June 13

Two great movies that taste great together

We watched two perfectly lovely movies today. Perfectly lovely in their own way, of course.
Jurassic World was awesome in the dinosaur way, where all the crashing, slashing and eating was action-packed and fabulous. The best part was Sydney's thorough and utter love for the film. She was so excited to be seeing it, and loved every single bit of it. It's a good sign when the kid is talking about buying the DVD before we're even out of the theater, right?
And then Brian and I watched The Duff, which was amazing in an entirely different way. It was in the clever, relatable, fantastic way that coming-of-age movies are made nowadays. (Wow, how old did that statement make me sound?) I'm completely enamored with this one, folks, and heartily recommend it.
It wasn't the movie trifecta in a day, but I'm intrigued to see what we decide to watch tomorrow.

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