Sunday, June 21

The family that sunburns together

So, a number of things contributed to my family being way too red today, some purposeful, some not so much. But all of them combined into myself, Brian and Sydney being sunburned today.

We went to the lake yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed several hours on and in the water. PURPOSEFUL.
Sydney forgot her long-sleeve rash guard, so we had to settle for the short-sleeve "extra" rash guard I had put in the bag. ACCIDENTAL.
I consciously decided to not bring my own long-sleeve rash guard, thinking that I would just be fine with the sunscreen. PURPOSEFUL.
Even a ridiculous amount of sunscreen can not keep an active, water-obsessed child from getting too much sun when she's been outside for nine hours. ACCIDENTAL.
Brian put on the sunscreen, too, but we're just not as diligent with ourselves as we are with our kid. ACCIDENTAL.
Nine hours on the lake. PURPOSEFUL.

Anyway, today was a day full up of lotion; drinking lots of water to combat the dehydration; and time inside, hidden away from the sun. It was exactly what Brian wanted for his Father's Day (coincidental, but perfect for our situation), and worked out well for all three of us. I figure that by tomorrow morning, we'll all feel a lot better. At least that's what I'm hoping.
Mother-daughter bonding moment: Sydney and I traded lotion duties. I did her arms and legs, she did my back.

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