Saturday, June 6

So excited for my snack tomorrow!

How we managed to (potentially) ruin my waistline at the grocery store today, in three easy steps:
1.) Brian wanted a big vat of salsa to eat over his barbecued chicken. We found a large bottle of a salsa that he likes. And then he's all, "What do you need to enjoy the salsa, too? Let's get you some chips." And that's how the huge, family-size bag of cantina-style Tostitos ended up in the pantry. I ate some already.
2.) Keebler fudge stripe cookies were on sale for only $1.88, and it's been so long since I treated myself to cookies. And that's how the cookies ended up in the pantry. I ate some already.
3.) My wonderment on how easy it would be to make my own 50/50 drinks at home, with the vanilla ice cream and the orange soda, became a quest somehow, and now I have all the fixin's to make them. I don't like buying vanilla ice cream because it's not a real flavor and it's what ice cream begins with to make flavors, but it's what the drink requires. My Safeway actually carries the Stewart's orange soda, so that was easy. ... And that's how the ice cream and orange soda ended up in my freezer and refrigerator, respectively. I have not eaten any, because it's going to be my treat for tomorrow afternoon. I need to have the proper balance of hunger and timing before I attempt that little beauty.

Also, we watched the ridiculatta that is Jupiter Ascending on iTunes today, and I think I may love it. Mila Kunis and Channing Tatun were not treated well with this script, but I enjoyed the cheesiness of the movie, and when it arrives on whichever of my movie channels, I will watch it over and over.
... While I enjoy my 50/50s.

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