Wednesday, June 24

Picking up the bra, and putting it back on

The sunburn on my back and shoulders is obviously feeling better because today it occurred to me that it is much more annoying to have my boobs hanging free all day, then it hurts to have a bra on.
I noticed last night that my back was browning more than it was red. Today, I realized that, while my back and arms still hurt, they are feeling more like themselves, and not too painful to move around. This afternoon I discovered that going braless in hot weather invites sweaty under-boobs and increases the desire to fold one's shirt under the breasts to keep them from getting too hot. So tonight, I put on a bra for the first time since Friday (my swimsuit on Saturday doesn't count, does it?), and it felt fine. Not glorious or anything, since it's still a bra and I still have the remnants of the sunburn, but much better than nothing. I felt like a normal, dressed human female again, as well. I didn't realize how weirdly self-conscious I had become of the bralessness of my life until I put one on again, and consequently felt better inside.
Bras are weird. Over-shoulder boulder holder is the truth of it, though not at all a flattering description. Back to the life.

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