Friday, June 26

Just follow the Yellow Brick Road

ITEM!: Well, the sunburn peeling has begun ... a little bit. Brian's upper arms are totally peeling. But he's averse to lotioning regularly. Sydney had a tiny bit of peeling on her nose, but it only lasted for two hours, and the rest of her (arms and legs) has healed up lovely. No more burn or peeling for her. I haven't started peeling yet, but I feel as though it's pretty inevitable. My burn was worse than anyone else's, and even though I was liberal with my lotion, I feel like the skin on my back and shoulders is eager to slough off. And it itches, which is a good sign that the peeling is on its way.
ITEM!: I'm working on Sydney's movie summer camp for next week's afternoons, but am having a hard time filling out the agenda. The Wizard of Oz, of course. Gus and The Goonies, certainly. I would love to sit with all the Harry Potter movies, but I really, really want her to read the books and fall in love with the stories that way. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is a good one. I need to figure out the rest. Perhaps a Facebook inquiry will yield good suggestions.
ITEM!: I moved the backyard daisies into the house last Monday, having realized that they are really not doing well outside in the Arizona summer. Watering them every morning still resulted in wilting and scary-looking daisies every afternoon. But Monday, I first sprayed them with bug spray so they won't infect my other plants, and then brought them inside. I've placed them on the sill of the window at the bottom of the stairs. It's been five days, and they are so happy with their new home! They get good afternoon sun, a warmth through the window, and still are not being fried by the heat. In fact, there are some new leaves growing. All good things to keep my daisies alive for the season.
ITEM!: Today is the 25th anniversary of the hottest day ever recorded in Arizona: 122 degrees. I remember one day at school when I got home from class and the news was saying that it was 118 degrees outside at that moment. Honestly, once the temperature is above 110 degrees, it's all just "fuckin' hot." I remember we took Sydney to see the July 4th fireworks one year, and it was 107 degrees at 9 p.m. Summers in Arizona are a fascinating experience. But ugh. HOT.

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