Tuesday, June 16

It's a slow news week, people

I've got nothing going on lately except reading and being sick.
BEING SICK: I can gauge the state of my health on how difficult it is for me to breathe. At this moment, I'm able to breathe quite easily, so I know my throat is feeling better. My nose isn't stuffed up, either, though that it probably thanks to DayQuil. I was only able to nap for 90 minutes this morning, after a four-hour nap yesterday, so there's that. All these things are positive, as I was becoming very concerned that I would not ever recover from this particular cold and badness. I know that I've mentioned before that being in my 40s seems to mean that it takes me longer to recover from illnesses and nights out with the girls.
READING: I finished reading the book I needed to return tomorrow, and it was quite good. I've already put the second in the series on my request list. I also read/skimmed Amy Poehler's Yes Please, so that's ready to turn in, too. I've discovered that while funny people write funny things, I don't have much of a taste for humorous essays/memoirs/books. I know the Cary Elwes book, as well as Mindy Kaling's book, was a bit difficult to get through. When I started Poehler's book yesterday, I was immediately bored and meh about it. But the skimming and only reading what intrigued me served me well tonight, and I can say that I enjoyed the essays and chapters I read, and I don't feel like I missed anything. That'll be my go-to reading style for those kinds of books in the future.
See? Not a whole lot going on this week.

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