Thursday, June 11

Hot flashes are my new reality

I've had the most bizarre pre-menopausal menstrual cycle this month.
It must be pre-menopause, I've decided, because I'm getting hot flashes. Besides those, I'm getting weird bad cramps. And also, I've got a bronchial, achy sickness (not related to menopause, but still plaguing me). So, all those things are making for an incredibly irritating situation for me.
I'm relatively okay with dealing with the weird cramps, but these hot flashes have got to go. They are typically hitting me in the morning, just as we're leaving the house, if you can believe that. All of a sudden I feel like my internal temperature is at 104 degrees, and there's not a thing on earth that can cool me down. These hot flashes only last for a little while, and they're only on the two days of my period, but it feels like my body is all, "Okay, you've got a short cycle, so I'mma let you finish, but I'm also gonna make it worse on you during those limited days."
Yesterday's was worse, as it was the first day, but today's was an interesting complement. Also, much to my despair, bad mood swings come along with the hot flashes. And that's fun.
Of course there are hormone treatments and such, but I'm still super early in this game, so I'm not ready to complain to my doctor yet. I'm not even 100 percent positive that this is what I'm dealing with, but with the evidence continuing to be consistent over the last few months, I'm pretty sure. So far, my 40s are awesome (she said sarcastically, in case you didn't know).

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