Thursday, June 18

Healthier, but definitely less graceful

I managed to fall down at the groomers today while trying to pick Oliver up to show off the super big wart on his leg, and now my knee is bruising and hurts. It was my intention to enjoy this day, the first in a while where I had any energy at all. I woke up this morning not bemoaning my nose and its snotty existence. I managed to get all my kids out of the house on time.
But then, I opened the door to the garage over my toes and hurt them.
And then, Sydney forgot her glasses.
And then, I fell on the tile floor.
And then, it was super hot outside and I got all sweaty just walking the kid to camp check-in.
But after all that, Brian and I went to the movies and saw Spy. I highly recommend it.
Also, there was Costco.
So, I guess the lesson to be learned here is that the dog will always be heavier than you think at that moment so be sure to have better footing when attempting to lift him. Because now I have a bruise on my knee which is ridiculous.
But I am feeling better, so there's that.

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