Monday, June 1

DO NOT stress my universe

So here's the thing. I am "friends" with someone on Facebook, and "follow" them to get regular updates. Sometimes, there's some real, but vague, updates and informational posts, but most times, this person shares not-quite motivational quotes, cheesy "Like if you believe" things, and socially provocative news pieces and shares. Whenever she is called out on FB for anything, she gets really angry and defensive really quick, and is super speedy to rip into anyone. Also, she has a tendency to passive aggressively bitch about her friends and family in status updates. All this is when she doesn't need help. At those times, she's asking for handouts and "if you have but don't want" items. The things she says and advocates are depressing, deliberately instigating, and/or pandering.
Today, while scrolling through my feed, I came across a post from her, in which she shared a photo of text. Someone called her out on the text used in that photo, and suggested that she be more discreet on Facebook. And then the backlash. What I said about becoming immediately defensive and angry? Open the gates. She typed out a 100-word screed about how this other person should back off (I paraphrase), and leave her alone to talk however she wants. The screed itself was poorly written, spelled horrendously, and made little to no sense. All these things made me happily agree with the initial commenter. The commenter replied, sensibly. This was earlier.
But tonight, there was another comment from the angry person, replying to the commenter's second note. My stomach turned just when I read that there was a response, and I was, no kidding, afraid to read it. Who knew what the hell she was going to say back?
I decided, at that moment, to stop following this person on Facebook. I have issues with having someone in my feed who may or may not upset me emotionally or psychologically at any moment. I will not fear my news feed and what it may contain. It's like worrying about getting flashed on the subway. You should be safe, but who knows what may be around the corner?
So, this person is no longer being followed, and I feel good about that. I'd unfriend, really I would, but this is a sole mode of communication. So, I unfollow, and no longer worry about what will be in my feed throughout the day. Because she needs to get her shit together, and I'm tired of reading about her failing at it. I'm tired of reading about her issues, difficulties and attitudes. I'm super tired of reading about her friends and their attitudes.
This should be a new Facebook for me, and I'm eager for it to begin. Enrich my Facebook life, and I'll keep you around. Stress my universe, and you get kicked to the curb.

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