Tuesday, June 30

Brilliantly avoiding the Yahoo! home page

Do you remember how I did that thing a while ago about unfollowing the person on Facebook that makes me afraid of what may be in my feed at any given time? Well, that's working out really well for me. So I've advanced that particular narrative to another randomly upsetting facet of my life: my Firefox browser. You see, Blogger doesn't work super well in Safari, so I have Firefox as my secondary browser on my computer for it. The problem is that the Yahoo! function that decides what news stories you would prefer to see likes to put all the random stuff I don't want to see on my Firefox home page because I don't look at that Yahoo! page. Does that make sense? Yahoo! and I don't tailor the secondary Yahoo! page because I rarely use it for anything but a starting point for Firefox.
Anyway, this particular Yahoo! likes to show me upsetting stories about dogs, because I'm an animal lover, of course. These stories bother me very much, but until last night, I hadn't figured out exactly how to outsmart Firefox's Yahoo!. But then, after a fashion, it hit me. In what could very easily be considered a ridiculous light-bulb moment on par with discovering the library for myself, I realized that I could simply change the home page on Firefox to my Blogger dashboard.
And I did it.
And tonight, when I opened Firefox to do my blogging, it went straight to my dashboard page. "Do not read upsetting stories, do not collect $200." It was awesome. I'm currently super bugged at myself for not thinking of this sooner.

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