Monday, June 22

Bookended by underwear: the bad and good

ITEM!: There's something to be said for the sunburn that makes it too painful to wear a bra. Because the last two days of my life have been gloriously braless, and it's been pretty awesome. My strategy is to wear a tanktop under a t-shirt to control any excessive jiggles, and it's working really well. And it's comfortable. I'm not terribly upset at the thought of not wearing a bra again tomorrow.
ITEM!: I'd taken a bit of a break from reading over the last few days, but was pleased to dive into the newest library book on my pile this afternoon. Tuesday, I declare you a reading day.
ITEM!: However, reading day will commence after I spend some time at Barnes & Noble investigating my next batch of library requests. As well as after I visit Krispy Kreme. I have not forgotten about my lack of chocolate iced doughnuts the other day. Those two things take priority, because I'm still me.
ITEM!: Oliver and Cooper got haircuts last week, and happily, since he's lost all his locks, Oliver's been comfortable sleeping with me all night. (Remember that in the summer, it's cooler downstairs, so he tends to spend his nights down there.) I don't even need to tell you how happy this makes me, since I write about it enough. I also made his appointment for a wellness appointment and second opinion on his knee with the other vet that I liked from his teeth cleaning last year. I'm intrigued to hear what she says about him. My realistic fear is that his health prospects are not as glowing as they were last year, but let's see what the old man's issues are from a fresh pair of eyes.
ITEM!: What else? Oh yeah, my mom is awesome because she found me some of the boxer brief underwear at her local Target. Looking forward to trying them out!

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